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I do admit that as an internet marketing affiliate my affiliate links are cloaked on my website. The reason for cloaking is that as affiliates marketers, we are given an affiliate id that lets the affiliate vender know who sold his or she product and who to pay the commission. Your affiliate id is attached to the URL in more cases of the sales page of the affiliate vender. These links look somewhat like this ( This is what is called a naked affiliate link meaning everyone can see it as that.

Now anyone who is apart of an internet marketing affiliate program know, having naked affiliate links is not a good thing. As we all know, there are dishonest people out there who are ready, willing and able to steal our hard earned commissions. This is where the cloaked or encrypted links come in. Cloaking or in some cases the encrypting of affiliate links is a must when it comes to commission thief. There are numerous programs and scripts designed to do this. Most of these automated programs use JavaScript, which the GoogleBots or Spiders can’t read for indexing purposes. Another reason I suspect Google disallows the practice.

Another thing that’s most disturbing about not being able to encrypt your affiliate links is there are programs online that steal your commissions without any human intervention. The program searches for these transactions and automatically inserts the thieves affiliate id in place of yours. I’m not an authority on this process, but there has to be a way to protect internet marketing affiliates, while pleasing Google and the other search engines.

So what am I suppose to do? I read a post that stated that a .php redirect was the best way to go. So I got rid of the JavaScript encryption for each affiliate link and implemented the .php redirect script. Both systems gave me the same results, but I wasn't sure how this affected me with Google. I recently searched Google for my website and I got the same results mentioned earlier. Apparently Google has blacklist my website, so the .php redirect didn’t matter. I read that once Google zaps your website, you may as well build a new one and get rid of the old. Not a pleasing thought considering the time and effort that went into building it.

So until next time, have a Prosperous Day!

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