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In my previous post, I mention my ebook "Make Money In Any Economy" because there are so many people today in need of money. There have been millions of people adversely affected by the economic slowdown and most don't have a means to make ends meet.

A number of financial institutions that have stood for 50 or more years have collapsed in the wake of bad business transactions. I speak mainly about the mortgage and banking industry. Wall Street played a key roll in the narrowly avoided collapse of our financial industry. Greed was the underlying force behind our finance crisis and that greed will continue to haunt us for years to come.

Amidst the fallout, most are left wondering, when will we see a breakthrough, especially in the job and housing markets. History has proven time and time again that breakthrough will eventually come. But, what can we do to make that extra income in the meantime?

Well, as I stated earlier, get my ebook "Make Money In Any Economy". For the cost of a hamburger and fries, you'll get common sense ways to make an extra income or become wealthy, your choice!

Thanks for checking out my ebook and Have A Prosperous Day!

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Make Money In Any Economy

Posted by The Prosperity Group | 9:02 AM

Hello Prosperous People,

I just wrote an eBook on “How To Make Money In Any Economy. Now that a number of economists have declared that we are in a Recession, I felt compelled to address this issue. With foreclosures and unemployment at it’s highest rates in years, where can the average individual turn for financial relief. This eBook isn’t about untested theories on making money, but a common sense approach to tried and true money making strategies.

I also discuss a common sense way to totally eliminate all of your debt, so that you will have the capital needed to start saving and investing. This will afford you the ability to purchase whatsoever you desire with cash, not credit.

So take a look at my new eBook and Have a Prosperous Day!

Go To:

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Free Traffic

Posted by The Prosperity Group | 4:05 PM

I want to reply to the previous post "The Road To Free Traffic". As you know, to make money online you must get targeted traffic to your website and/or blog. I made this post prematurely thinking that the information would be free. Well I was wrong and I apologize for my misinformation. What this all boiled down to was a product launch by Tellman Knudson. Apparently Tellman did a survey of his online marketing students to find out what they were having the most challenges with, and generating traffic won hands down. So Tellman created a course on generating traffic to your site whether it be a website or blog.

I have to hand it to Tellman, that was a wise idea. Unfortunately the course was in the upwards of $1,900.00, far from the free I mentioned. Again it was my fault, not Tellman’s. So since I made the misleading post, I want to redeem myself by giving you some free methods of generating traffic to your website and/or blog.

1. Directory Submission

Submit you site to as many directories as possible. This is a very time consuming and tedious chore. You must identify directories that have the free option, in conjunction with the paid and reciprocal submission choices. Brad Callen has a free directory submission tool that prevents you from having to retype your personal and site information into every directories sign up page. Go to

2. Article Submission

Write articles and submit them to article directories. This is a powerful tool for those who like to write, but we run into the same issue that I stated earlier. You have to sign up for each individual directory. This as do the directory submission takes days if not weeks depending upon the number of directories you submit to. I should also mention that your article would have to be approved before being made public. There is no guarantee that your article will see the light of day, but if it were structured properly (no typo’s or grammatical errors), then you would most likely be approved. Brad again has a free version of his article submitter:

Another great tool for writing articles is at

3. Post Comments To Other Like Blogs

This is another way to generate free traffic and all you have to do is find other blogs that have the same or similar content as your site. This is two fold in you get a backlink to your site and if someone clicks on your link, traffic. Two things to keep in mind, make sure the blog site does not have "nofollow" links in the comment section and make sure your comment is of quality so people want to click to come to your site.

4. Post To Forums

Posting to forums is another free method of generating traffic. This one also involves signing up to join that forum group. Again this is time consuming, but this is the price for generating free traffic.

Most forums are also moderated, so if the moderator does not accept your comment, then he or she won't post it.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We all know this, but we spend so little time optimizing our sites. Above is what's called offpage optimization, so let's talk about onpage optimization. Make sure your content is unique and relevant. Also make sure you have good keyword density or in other words, make sure the title shows up in 1% to 3% of your article or post. Make sure you have no broken links. Another thing that robs you of page rank is too many outgoing links. Search engine spiders cannot read JavaScript, so be mindful of this when encrypting or cloaking affiliate links.

I hope these things will help you obtain that much needed traffic to your website and/or blog.

Until next time, have a Prosperous Day!

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