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Well my website was complete and I’d just entered into the world of online marketing. Considering I’d never built a website before, in my opinion it wasn’t too bad. Far from what I considered to be a top notch website, but still not bad. I liken it to everyone thinks the baby is ugly but the mother. I was pretty proud of my efforts considering all the technical challenges I encountered along the way.

I studied many websites in the online marketing niche and tried to emulate some of their better qualities. As a webmaster, (an I use that term loosely) it was easier said than done. I had gotten to the point to where I understood HTML well enough to get around a webpage. I could have cut and paste parts of others websites, but that felt like cheating. Many do it and change some of the attributes just to say that they are not a copycat.

Now lets be earnest, how original can a webmaster be considering there is estimated to be over 182 million websites (I’m not sure if that includes WebPages and blogs) on the Internet. Now am I saying that I have a one of a kind website, no I’m saying I didn’t copy and paste things I liked from others. I truly am not trying to make anyone feel guilty, I’m just reflecting on my experience.

Considering some of the beautiful online marketing websites I've seen , I might have to give up being a choir boy just for the sake of looking good. Like Billy Crystal says "it's not how you feel, but how you look" and I want to look marvelous. But all joking aside, I going to have to take my own advice and hire a professional webmaster to get the results I desire. I'm being stubborn in taking this action considering all the hard work that went into my website. It's hard to let go!

Well until next time, have a Prosperous Day!

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